About Us

What is SightChek?

SightChek is a liaison between the Optometrists and the schools. We coordinate with schools and school boards and finds out which schools would benefit from fully covered student eye exams. We then coordinate with the school and the optometrists to set up times for the comprehensive eye exams. The Optometrists, which are independently operated, then perform the eye exams at the school.

Eye Boggling Statistics

  • Recent statistics indicate that less than 20% of the K-12 population has ever had an eye exam.*
  • 80% of all learning techniques used in grade school are visual.*
  • Eye deficiencies account for over 60% of all diagnosed learning disabilities.*
  • Children who pass standard eye exams may still struggle with vision and focus.*

Improve Student GPAs

Booking SightChek may help your students achieve better success in the classroom. By utilizing government-ready resources available for your students’ eye health, and the latest in eye health technology, you are contributing to a bright future.